Tips for Using Automated Attendants
and Voice Mail

Automated Attendants

An automated attendant allows people to route themselves to specific individuals or departments, or to get information by simply pressing a few keys.

Welcome to Gadget Manufacturing Company. To reach our sales department, press 1. To reach customer service, press 2. To reach ...

  • Use your automated attendant to handle routine information such as hours, admission fees and directions.
  • Limit the number of choices offered in a single menu.
  • Tell callers how to reach someone "live."
  • Let callers know what keys to press to repeat menus or replay information.
  • Automatically transfer callers to the receptionist or operator when they don't respond to prompts.
  • Stuck in a voice mail maze? Try pressing 0. In many cases this will get you to an operator or receptionist, or will prompt you on what to do to reach someone.

Voice Mail

The most important consideration in using voice mail is to help callers feel comfortable leaving messages.

  • Update your personal greeting regularly.
  • Keep your greeting short and to the point.
  • Let callers know if you are in a meeting, out of the office on business or away on vacation.
  • Let callers know when you'll return their call.
  • Tell callers how to reach someone else if you're not available.
  • Let callers know how to easily reach someone "live" if their call is urgent.
  • Make sure an operator or receptionist answers the line during standard business hours.
  • Answer your phone when you're at your desk